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Atmosphere of Sports

May 10, 20232 min read

Atmosphere of Sports

Is one of the greatest forms of entertainment that has ever been created and displayed, in good hands???

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Sports? We talking about sports? (If you know, you know). But yes, of course, we’re talking about sports. The one pastime that has been keeping mankind active since prehistoric times, where wrestling and running were some of the earliest forms of sports, to time where you can be stationary with a gaming controller and be considered an athlete. Man, if I knew 15 years ago that E-Sports would be the move in the future, I would be a top-tier athlete by now! Well, maybe not quite top-tier but I would for sure put some people to shame in the likes of NBA 2K and Madden. Its just amazing to witness how far along sports has come, while standing the test of times and hardships to bring people together from all different walks of life to compete and enjoy the very thing that they train every day for. Because sports have integrated talented athletes from different backgrounds, it has piqued the interest of spectators worldwide. Which has resulted in the gradual increase of popularity and viewership. Even those who don't follow sports closely can fill you in on Steph Curry knocking down 3's from Siberia or the zillion of dollars ($255M, $110M fully guaranteed to be exact) that Jalen Hurts just received in a contract extension!

 Yes, the popularity of sports in today’s times has become immersive in our daily culture. Everywhere you turn, there is some basketball being dribbled, a football being thrown, a tennis ball ricocheting back and forth, a baseball being swung at, and let’s not forget the golf balls that are piling up in the lakes on every course across the world. The atmosphere of sports couldn’t be any better than it has ever been due to the wide array of sports available play and witness according to your liking, the endless opportunities that are provided, and the camaraderie and enjoyment that accompanies it. So, I say to the people who are witnessing the age of sports that we are currently in, bask in the greatness and the amazement that is before our eyes, whether you’re watching it on TV or sitting in the stands. The atmosphere of sports is rich, so breathe it in and lets all enjoy the views as we rest on this mountaintop of one of the world’s oldest and greatest pastime.

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